Scalers AI Solutions

Fast-track Industry Transformation

Real-Time Inventory Insights

Gain critical insights on work in progress and finished goods

In-line Defect Detection

Detect defects in line to improve yields, avoid scrap & re-work

Predictive Maintenance

Increase up-time with machine conditional monitoring

Smart Port Operations

Analyze truck turn times and crane operations while enhancing worker safety

Traffic Optimization

Intelligently route traffic flow and alert
first responders of incidents 

Smart Parking

Gain real-time insights on available parking and route cars efficiency

Crowd Analytics

Analyze crowd anomalies and alert first responders

Hazard Detection

Real-time citizen alerts of hazards.

Citizen Safety

Notify first responders of citizen health issues using fall detection

Inventory Management

AI based real-time inventory management

Planogram Compliance

Monitor compliance to brand

Brand Insights & Analytics

Real-time insights on brand interest from customers

Medical Imaging

AI Assisted medical imaging analysis accelerating patient diagnosis

Asset Management

Increase efficiency & productivity with real-time asset insights.

Drug Discovery

AI based drug discovery with
federated learning to ensure
patient privacy.